About us


Embrace a healthy future! Our motto is a promise to our patients, which we achieve by providing access to world class pharmaceutical products, that we license from our partners. We commit to top quality, passion, and competence in all our efforts. Our growth is driven by internationalization, maximizing the lifecycle of core products, and driving access and effective usage of specialty products across the region.


We believe that our employees make the difference between a good and a great company. We encourage creativity, imagination, dedication and passion for the job!

Eduard Curraj

CEO & Founder at Delta Pharma Albania

Lindita Tema


Fatih Kefeli

Commercial Director

Ewa Maria Kokot

Project Manager

Szymon Komorowski

Strategy Director

Gerta Cara

DRA & QA Director

Dorjana Avrami

Marketing Director

Ilir Minga

KAM Biologic & Onco

Rigersa Disha

Business Analyst

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