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Our History


It all began in 2002 in Shkodra, a city located in the North Region of Albania, with the establishment of Curri Pharma. Here, the founders of the company set up a small pharmaceutical distributor which brought a revolution in the Pharmaceutical industry of that time as it introduced a delivery service distribution.

At the start of 2006, operations were expanded to Tirana, under the name Delta Pharma, where the headquarters are currently located.



In 2007, the first important agreement for Delta Pharma with a Multinational Pharmaceutical company was signed, starting this way the tansformation in one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Albania. Year after year, the company diversified the portfolio with mass consumer health products as well.

In 2013, Delta Pharma started its expansion abroad by bringing innovation and its experience in Kosovo, aimed to be affiliated soon as well in other countries of the region.



In 2018, after a substantial investment and with the assistance of the Schaffer group, Delta Pharma implemented a Warehouse Management and Delivery System. Our Warehouse Management System ensures quick processing of the orders by Quick Pick System and automatic processing and packaging, with appropriate compliant transport boxes, ensuring this way that the orders are processed fast, safe and are traceable at all times, until the delivery to the client.

In 2019, in a strategic move, Delta Pharma acquired the majority of the shares of the oldest distributor in Albania, a historical partner of a Multinational Pharmaceutical company in our country. In addition, in 2019 our affiliate in Bosnia-Herzegovina was set up, ensuring our further spread in the Balkans.



In 2020 Delta Pharma accessed the North Macedonian pharmaceutical market by offering regulatory and QA support through its affiliate.


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