Our Policies

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a guide to help us achieve our goals with integrity. You should turn to it whenever you face an uncertain ethical decision or witness behaviour that might violate our standards or the law. This document lays out several common issues that you may encounter in the workplace and provides guidance for how to navigate those situations. It also points you to resources—such as related policy documents and people who can clarify them if necessary—you should turn to if you are still unsure of the right course of action. This Code applies to all employees, contract employees, officers, and directors. Delta Pharma-AL also expects that our suppliers, agents, business partners and consultants will follow similar principles.

Code of Conduct CEO’s Speech

Anti-Bribery Policy

The purpose of Anti-bribery policy is to state that bribery is not allowed. The policy sets the rules and principles on how it must be implemented. In this policy are treated different aspects and how corruption can be presented and the relation with applicable laws.
It is applicable to all DELTA PHARMA-AL employees and their collaborators.

Delta Pharma-AL is a member of Association of Albanian Importers and Distributors of Pharmaceutical Products promoting ethical business conduct.
Anti Bribery Policy


Providing safe and quality medicines for our patients is our end goal. We work in accordance with EU and US codes of conduct to ensure that the trust of patients, partners, HCPs, shareholders, and the society we serve is not misplaced.
Our employees work in accordance with our Code of Conduct, which serves as a guide in the areas of products and services, personal integrity, company integrity, employment, company assets, responsible business. Our goal is to store and distribute medicinal products in a safe and fast way, in the right storage conditions.
We have applied an Automated Warehouse Management and Delivery System from one of the world’s leading suppliers of intra-logistics, ensuring that orders are processed safely, quickly and traced at any given time, until delivery to client.