Eduard Curraj

CEO & Founder at Delta Pharma Albania

Eduard Curraj is the CEO and founder of Delta Pharma Albania.

He finalized the studies on pharmaceutical science in Tirana University in 1997. 

The difficult period that the country was facing when Eduard graduated, inspired him to start thinking to build not only a better future for his own, but also the future of an entire generation helping the country to move forward in the right direction.

The passion for the pharmaceutical sector, encouraged him to be focused in this sensitive area and build an example for other business people as well.

In 2002, he funded and established Curri Pharma in the North Region of Albania and in a very short time became the most important distributor of that region.

The experience on the North Region of Albania, inspired on the vision of a bigger step forward, such as the creation of the Delta Pharma, that started operating as a secondary distributor. This led into an agreement with a Multinational Pharmaceutical company and all these together set Delta as the biggest Pharmaceutical Company in Albania.

Eduard together with his team will continue to give their support and contribution to the pharmaceutical sector in the country and more over in the Balkan Region, by delivering qualitative and affordable medicines to the ones in need.

Eduard Curraj

CEO & Founder at Delta Pharma Albania

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