Ilir Minga

KAM Biologic & Onco

lir is part of Delta Pharma Albania company after a long experience in the pharmaceutical sector with particular focus on expansion of Oncology & Biologic products in Albania. With a master degree in Pharmacy & Bio pharmacy, Ilir and his team are working every day to further strengthen the dedicated department of medical marketing for biologic, oncology & speciality hospital care medicines.

Eduard Curraj

CEO & Founder at Delta Pharma Albania

Lindita Tema


Fatih Kefeli

Commercial Director

Ewa Maria Kokot

Project Manager

Szymon Komorowski

Strategy Director

Gerta Cara

DRA & QA Director

Dorjana Avrami

Marketing Director

Ilir Minga

KAM Biologic & Onco

Rigersa Disha

Business Analyst